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Welcome to BoldlyU!
We are so glad you want to hear more about BoldlyU Magazine! We are excited about what we are doing to make a small difference in the lives of Tweens. We want to provide a positive resource for tweens to be brave, be bold and to be themselves. BoldlyU began as the photography division of Triple Wonders Photography because the tween years tend to be the most awkward and challenging. It was/is our goal to photograph tweens being themselves and doing what they love to promote self-confidence and raise self-esteem! We quickly realized there was so much more we could do to make a difference in the lives of tweens. This is where BoldlyU Magazine was born! We not only want to provide tween’s pictures they can be proud of but also a safe place to not only display their beautiful pictures, but also their stories and talents! BoldlyU Magazine is meant to be encouraging, informative and a safe place for these awesome kids to be who they were created to be!