Winter Wishes Gift and Fund Drive

On Thursday, November 30th the BoldlyU team went out to Joe Machens Toyota and spent the evening with the dedicated team of Great Circle. At their annual Winter Wishes Gift and Fund Drive, we dressed up in our BoldlyU attire and elf hats, ate cookies, and were delighted by the amount of compassion in the room.

The Winter Wishes Gift and Fund Drive allows the youth in their care to have gifts from the supporting community. Donations help fund new programs that allow their kids to gain their voice and build confidence. For Maggie Rotts, Advancement Coordinator, this was her first Christmas season spent with Great Circle. It was easy to tell that she was loving what she was doing. “This community is so big and giving, it’s incredible!” While reflecting on the mission of her first Winter Wishes, she says, “[These] kids deserve a loving Christmas and showing them that people care.”

We all know that BoldlyU is a huge fan of helping kids embrace who they are and share it with the world. Each month every issue is filled with articles and helpful tips, poems and drawings submitted by kids ages 10-16. This committee of BoldlyUs Tweens chooses all of the topics that will be in the magazine. We have seen first hand the confidence this can give kids when they have a strong support group encouraging them to share their thoughts. In the coming year, BoldlyU will be working out the chance to come to Great Circle’s campus once a month to work with these kids and hear all the creativity and passion they have.

From December 1st through December 20th, BoldlyUs Tweens will be doing their part to provide gifts and donations to help fund Great Circle’s new Art Therapy program. If you would like to support their efforts, reach out to to find a committee near you! Winter Wishes as a whole is going until December 31st, so it’s not too late to do your part and give this season. Visit their website to find out more details.


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