Why tweens?

Your child changes just as much between 8-14 as a newborn to 2 changes, and lets face it these are the years that don’t get captured. They get in school, we think that their school pictures are good enough, and when we get them we put them in a drawer and forget about them because chances are they didn’t turn out very good. These years are known as the awkward years, with losing teeth, face changing, braces, plus they are in to so many things we just don’t take the time to get professional portraits taken. We have done research on tweens and it has shown how important these years are on self-esteem, self-worth and family bonding, plus these are the years bullying and peer pressure really begin. By taking the time to have your child be a model for an hour and then hanging those pictures on your wall helps reassure your child that they matter. I know you are thinking that this is silly and doesn’t help, but it shows that they are Wall Worthy and it builds their self-esteem because these pictures are all about them, their style, what they are into, to showcase this year in their life. Sure we take pictures on our phones or our electronics but do we ever hang them on the wall or even remember to put them on our computer before our phone crashes and we lose them all. How about showing your tween how much they mean to you by booking your wall worthy session today.

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